HRP Health Sector Objectives, Activities and Indicators – Update 2018

from World Health Organization, Health Cluster
Published on 12 Feb 2018 View Original


This document presents the Health Objectives, Activities and Indicators proposed to be monitored and reported on during 2018, based on the agreements and participation of the hubs in 2017. The Information Management Team in hubs and WoS have access to the updated list in in the sheet: HRP Indicators 2018

HRP Health Sector Objectives

  1. Objective 1:Provide life-saving and life-sustaining humanitarian health assistance with an emphasis on those most at risk and in need
  2. Objective 2: Strengthen health sector coordination and health information systems to improve the effectiveness of life-saving health response for people in need, with an emphasis on enhancing protection and increasing access for health
  3. Objective 3: Improve health system capacity for support of continuity of care and strengthen community resilience and response to IDP movements and disease outbreaks