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Heavy snowfall hits northern Syria’s displaced communities - Flash Update #4 (as of 28 January 2022)



Humanitarian partners are providing replacement tents, cash assistance for fuel and other essential items, emergency rations, road repair and other winter aid after storms caused havoc across northern Syria.

Heavy snow fell 18 – 19 January and 25 January. At least 935 tents have been destroyed so far while 9,562 tents have been damaged. The snow has subsided, but freezing night temperatures are causing concern.

The Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) cluster says that 287 displacement sites have been affected in Idleb and Aleppo governorates. There have been 162 snowstorm incidents, 111 flood incidents and 14 high-speed wind incidents in camps, mainly in Afrin and Azaz districts in Aleppo and Harim district in Idleb since 18 January.

Since the beginning of the year, 68 fires were reported, which resulted in 24 injuries and two deaths. Most of these fires broke out due to exposure to heating stoves. There have been no confirmed casualties as a result of the snowfall.

The Emergency Road Rehabilitation Committee gets daily alerts on roads affecting camps that require clearance of snow and repairs to enable organizations to reach the sites. At the moment, all public roads remain open. The Logistics Cluster anticipates flooding and road deterioration when the snow melts. Current budgets may not be sufficient. The heavy snow had led to rescheduled transshipment operations. Logistics partners and the United Nations Monitoring Mechanism (UNMM) remain on standby to accommodate changes to the schedules.

Schools are due to reopen on 5 February after a mid-term break. One partner reported that four caravan-based schools in the Qah community in Dana subdistrict in Idleb were slightly damaged. The schools are expected to be repaired before the start of the second term.


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