Hearing and Being Voices in Syria: Working Together to Raise Awareness on Gender-Based Violence [EN/AR]

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Welcome to the new toolkit for awareness raising on gender-based violence (GBV). This toolkit provides four comprehensive programs for delivering seven key GBV messages to women, adolescent girls, men and adolescent boys in North West Syria.

You are encouraged to make use of all the activities in this toolkit, to ensure consistent and standardized messaging on GBV in communities in North West Syria. The recommended delivery model for the sessions will help build trust between facilitators and participants. The information and guidance notes will increase the confidence and capacity of facilitators to discuss a wider range of GBV issues.

We hope this toolkit is educational and inspiring, and that it helps improve awareness of GBV among the target populations, leading to changes in knowledge, attitudes and behaviors that can help prevent GBV and improve responses to GBV in Syria.

Intended users

The Whole of Syria/Turkey hub GBV Sub-Cluster (GBV SC) has developed this toolkit for use by all actors in the GBV SC who have active GBV programs in North West Syria. The toolkit has been designed to help strengthen the cross-border GBV operations of these actors. Some of the programs in this toolkit could also potentially to be adopted in other parts of the country. The toolkit should be used by personnel who have expertise in providing GBV services and training.

The aims of the toolkit

The primary aim of the toolkit is to ensure consistency and accuracy in GBV messaging by all members of the GBV SC in North West Syria. This is our best chance of promoting changes in how GBV affects vulnerable populations, especially women and adolescent girls.

The toolkit also aims to:

  • provide GBV actors with a learning opportunity to improve facilitation of GBV sessions;

  • provide distinct activities that can be used to raise awareness about GBV among specific populations; and,

  • formalize the key GBV messages the GBV SC wishes to deliver communities in North West Syria.

Currently, your organization may not be able to run all the activities. You may not have the expertise or resources to discuss all the GBV topics or to run sessions with all the target population groups. An additional aim of the toolkit is therefore to provide a vision of GBV awareness-raising activities for the GBV SC organizations. The toolkit shows the extent of the work required to bring about changes in GBV knowledge, attitudes and practices for women, adolescent girls, men and adolescent boys in Syria. Every member organization of the GBV SC should strive and plan to build internal capacity so the toolkit can be delivered in full in their areas of operation.


The development of this toolkit emerges from a recognition within the GBV SC that:

  • existing practices for raising awareness about GBV in North West Syria are not consistent;

  • some existing awareness-raising messages continue to blame women and girls for GBV;

  • actors in the field lack clear guidance on how to engage local communities on more sensitive GBV topics (especially child marriage, sexual violence and virginity testing); and,

  • there is a need for more GBV work to engage men and boys, and more guidance on how to do this work.

The development of the toolkit has also been informed by the results of a rapid assessment of GBV awareness-raising activities and needs among the GBV SC actors.