Health Sector Syria - Health Sector Bulletin - May 2021

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  • As of 31 May 2021, the Ministry of Health COVID-19 reported cases in Syria have reached 24 495 including 1 770 deaths and 21 610 recoveries. The first confirmed case was declared on 22 March 2020 and the first death on 29 March 2020.

  • The Syrian Arab Republic, as one of the participant of the COVAX Facility, has received 203,000 doses of AstraZeneca on 22 April. The vaccination started on 17 May and 87,369 individuals were vaccinated up to 10th June.

  • A total of 1,172 out of 1,375 active reporting sites (85%) in all 14 governorates of Syria reported through early warning alert and response system (EWARS) with 75% of timeliness. A total of 83,614 EWARS notifiable cases were reported.

  • WHO dispatched 183.7 tons of health supplies (medicines, medical and non medical supplies, equipment etc.) to MOH/DoH, MOHE, MOE, SARC, NGOs etc.