Framework for the Immediate Socio-Economic Response to COVID-19, 31 August 2020

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Introduction: Purpose and content of this response framework document

In April 2020, the United Nations Secretary-General issued his report ‘Shared Responsibility, Global Solidarity’, outlining the need for—and stressing the utmost priority of—a truly global effort in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact.

It was followed, that same month, with a report ‘UN Framework for the Immediate Socio-Economic Response to COVID-19’ providing more detail about each of the five priority impact areas to be considered (health; social protection; economic activity and jobs; macroeconomic management; and community resilience) and thus a structure to guide the formulation of national response plans being prepared by UN Country Teams, under the technical leadership of UNDP, to address the socio-economic impact of COVID-19.

Special emphasis was also placed in the Secretary-General’s report on the importance of national frameworks being formulated by UN Country Teams in close consultation with the countries concerned, and on the need for those UN Country Teams’ response frameworks thus to supplement, where needed and possible, those countries’ national