Food Security Update, Dar'a Al-Baled, Syria - As of March 1, 2017 - Update Number 3



  • Dar’a al- Baled City with an estimated population of 15,000 - 25,000 people is still under intensified insecurity with a substantial increase in conflict. As of 28th February OCHA reports an estimated >17,805 people (>3,561 HHs) have been displaced. Currently the battle being at its 3rd week, it is expected that the majority of Dar'a Al-Baled population are displaced largely to the farms and villages of South Eastern Dar'a Governorate.
  • Rapid Needs Assessment conducted by WFP and various partners indicate that food and shelter are the top priorities of the displaced people with also safety and security. Additional displacements are also being experienced in Yarmouk Valley and surrounding villages of South West of Dar’a since the 19th of February with IDPs moving northwards towards Nawa and also southwards towards the villages on the border with Jordan.
  • Insecurity and access remain critical problems to access southern Syria from Jordan hub. A partner that conducted an assessment recently recommends to avoid large distribution points. Additionally, transport to warehouses in Western Dar’a may not be possible due to the insecurities. Tell Shihab, the informal crossing is running normally as of now, but NGO partners reported insecurity. Nonetheless some crossings of humanitarian items have been reported from Western Dar’a to Eastern Dar’a.

Response by sector partners
Emergency Response to IDPS

  • Immediate response is provided by Ready to Eat Rations (RTEs) that serve a family of 5 for 5 days.
  • As of 27th February, WFP and its partners (ACTED & IRD) have assisted 9,135 people (1,827 HHs) with RTEs out of which 3,525 people (705 HHs) received repeat distributions of RTEs in the period 11 – 21 February.
  • WFP and its partners also provided RTEs to 5,160 IDPs (1,032 HHs) displaced from Yarmouk Valley to Saham El Golan, Hit, Jlein, Tassil, and Nawa.