Food Security Sector Response Update: Emergency Response in Aleppo and Dara (18 February 2016)

Situation Report
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  • Planning assumptions: 70,000 new IDPs, as reported by the CCCM cluster and an additional 16, 770 IDPs in Eastern Aleppo City reported by Sector Partners. Partners on the ground have undertaken ground verification and their feedback has also been taken into account. As a result of this feedback, the distributed figures are higher than the CCCM cluster’s IDP estimate. Further, it is assumed that an additional 150,000 – 200,000 people in eastern Aleppo city may benefit from prepositioning of food baskets.
  • Response modalities: Full food baskets for a month, reduced food baskets, Ready to Eat (RTE) rations and cash/vouchers where applicable to meet the immediate food needs of the displaced people. The Ready to Eat Rations or reduced food baskets last for a varied number of days (3 days – 10 days) based on partner’s package.
  • Response figures: As of 18 February, 114,485 IDPs have been reached with immediate food assistance, primarily with RTE rations, reduced or full food rations and multipurpose cash grants. For South Turkey XB NGOs, the distributed figures is as of 11 February.