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Fifth Anniversary of the Syrian Civil War: People in conflict region have no confidence in ceasefire

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Malteser International fears further wave of people fleeing to the Turkish border

Cologne: Since the weekend, the ceasefire in Syria has allowed a small breathing space for people living in areas previously pounded by air attacks. Their confidence in the political process for the negotiation of a lasting peace, however, remains low. “People are continuing to flee from Aleppo and nearby areas towards the Turkish border, to protect themselves from the threat of bombing, and a potential siege of the city,” said Sid Peruvemba, Malteser International’s Vice Secretary General. Additional shelters, as well as special medication for children are needed urgently for those who are fleeing. “Almost half of the patients our mobile clinics are children,” said Peruvemba. “We are using the ceasefire as far as possible to improve the situation of the civilian population. However, this is not just a question of access and security, but of the resources which we have at our disposal.” As the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the Syrian Civil War approaches, Malteser International is calling urgently for donations.

Malteser International is continuing to provide emergency relief for around 12,000 newly arriving displaced people in the Azaz region near to the Turkish border. In cooperation with a local partner, they are constructing shelters, operating two mobile clinics and a field hospital to provide medical care, and providing secure access to clean drinking water using water tanks and boreholes.

The 11th March marks the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the conflict. Malteser International wishes to use this anniversary to thank all of those who have already given their support for its aid measures in the country. “Our thanks go out to the donors, who made our work possible: to provide help directly to people in need in Syria,” said Sid Peruvemba. Malteser International has been active in the region since Summer 2012, implementing projects to provide medical care for the population.