Emergency Needs Tracking, Idleb Governorate (02 March 2020)

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Since 15 January 2020, Northwest Syria (NWS) has witnessed an increase in aerial bombardments and shelling, particularly in Southern Idleb and Western Aleppo.1 Due to this escalation in conflict there has been mass displacement of civilians, in particular to areas near to the Turkish-Syrian border. In response to this,
REACH activated an Emergency Needs Tracking (ENT) system in communities in NWS known to have seen a high number of Internally Displaced Person (IDP) arrivals since hostilities began to intensify on 15 January. This information aims to inform the immediate humanitarian response by identifying both the priority needs, and people in need, in communities hosting recently displaced persons.


This ENT assessment focuses on communities known to have had over 300 individual IDP arrivals since 15 January, according to partner data. 101 communities were covered across 15 sub-districts in Idleb governorate. Data collection was conducted remotely on 02 March through REACH’s network of key informants (KIs) in NWS with one KI interviewed per community.