Early Recovery: Cross Border Reach - NWS - Gaziantep Hub (January to July 2020)

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Sector Response Strategies and Priorities

• Creation of short-term work opportunities, particularly through Cash for Work modality, possibly, but not exclusively, linked to rehabilitation works improving access to services;

• Support to micro-businesses (start-up and Covid-19 impacted) both in urban and rural environments;

• Rehabilitation/restoration of access to basic utilities, local economic infrastructure, and other social infrastructures, including markets, electricity, water and sanitation systems and access ways/roads to markets, cultivable lands and camps;

• Collecting daily solid waste in urban areas and inside camps;

• Restoration of essential services and basic infrastructure to prioritize activities that would support the preventive and curative health response to COVID 19, including rehabilitation of health centers/facilities, retrofitting of designated Quarantine facilities;

• Market-based modalities assistance to vulnerable HHs including assisting vulnerable HHs with transportation to/from markets and health facilities.