Displaced people of Syria's "beehive" villages dream of return

With their wealth tied up in livestock or land, village folk are often less able to start afresh when forced to new surroundings

  • Refugees from Aleppo's hinterland face tough conditions

  • Hardship for children in Aleppo's Jibreen shelter

  • "Beehive villages" near Aleppo front lines abandoned

By Angus McDowall

ALEPPO, Syria, Feb 16 (Reuters) - The sculpted mud domes of the villages southeast of Aleppo are collapsing from war damage and neglect after years on the front line between Syria's army and Islamic State militants, their inhabitants long since gone.

But in Aleppo's Jibreen shelter, home to refugees who have been unable or unwilling to return to their houses or flee further afield, the inhabitants of Qalayah, one of the villages from that area, swear they will one day recover their land.

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