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Delivery of the Humanitarian Aid to Syria

Shipment of the humanitarian aid with baby milk was delivered by a Czech Army plane to Syria on December 11, 2017. The delivery was organized in cooperation of Czech Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence and Administration of State Material Reserves. Almost 3,7 tons of baby milk worth 650 thousand CZK were handed over to the representatives of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC). This organization is operating on the major part of the Syrian territory, even in difficult conditions caused by the ongoing conflict. The humanitarian aid will be handed over to people in need, especially to the families of internally displaced people.

The shipment of humanitarian aid was carried out in the context of the implementation of the government program Humanitarian, Development and Reconstruction Assistance to Syria in the Period of 2016–2019. Besides the material aid, Czech Republic also provides other forms of support such as healthcare equipment, provisional housing, food and education within Syria as well as to Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries. The assistance of the Czech Republic to Syria and the region should reach 224 million CZK this year.