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The crisis in Yarmouk Camp, 4 February 2015

Our spokesperson Chris Gunness has the following to say on the situation in Yarmouk Camp

"UNRWA was not able to distribute humanitarian assistance today, 4 February.

"UNRWA assesses the security situation in Yarmouk daily and requests relevant authorities to facilitate the distribution of humanitarian assistance to the civilian population. Over the previous month, Yarmouk and its surrounding areas have seen a serious escalation in armed conflict, including frequent exchanges of fire and the use of heavy weapons, which have persistently disrupted the distribution of life-saving humanitarian aid to the 18,000 civilians trapped in the area. UNRWA remains deeply concerned that no successful distribution has been completed since 6 December 2014.

"Approximately 400 food parcels are required each day to meet the minimum food needs of this extremely vulnerable population. In 2014, on days when all concerned actors cooperated fully to give priority to meeting the humanitarian needs of civilians in Yarmouk, UNRWA has proven capable of distributing up to 1,000 food parcels per day. To stop the suffering of Yarmouk’s civilians, UNRWA calls for this level of cooperation to resume, for the immediate cessation of armed hostilities in and around Yarmouk, and for all concerned parties to act in ways that promote the protection of Yarmouk’s civilians and give the utmost priority to their humanitarian needs.