The Crisis in Yarmouk Camp, 16 July 2014

Our spokesperson Chris Gunness has the following to say on the situation in Yarmouk Camp

"UNRWA distributed food parcels to 600 families in Yarmouk today, 16 July, in addition to 20 baby hygiene kits, vitamin packs rehydration salts, lice/scabies treatments and a range of other food items. The UNRWA team also delivered three thousand doses of polio vaccine for use inside Yarmouk.

"The UNRWA team arrived at northern Bateekhah entrance at 10:30 and was authorized to commence distribution in Yarmouk at 11:15. Distribution continued until 15:00, when Syrian authorities signalled an end to the distribution. UNRWA welcomes the resumption of its food distribution after a break of two days and acknowledges the facilitation of the Syrian authorities in today's distribution.

"UNRWA remains deeply concerned about the desperate humanitarian situation in Yarmouk and will continue to appeal to all parties to do everything in their power to end the suffering of the over 18,000 civilians trapped there. The Agency will continue to seek from all sides conditions that enable UNRWA to offer a full range of humanitarian assistance and services inside Yarmouk on a continuous, substantial and safe basis."