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Children Trapped in Yarmouk

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At least 3,500 children trapped inside Syria’s Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp are at high risk of being killed or injured, Save the Children warns.

“What we are seeing in Yarmouk is a travesty. Palestinians inside Syria have attempted to walk an increasingly perilous tightrope to remain out of the conflict in Syria," said Save the Children's Regional Director Roger Hearn.

"For this they have been under siege, bombed, starved and slaughtered. The Yarmouk that I engaged with when working in Syria was a vibrant and dynamic place of hope. It is now a place of terror. The real tragedy is that Palestinians inside Syria have no place to run and no safe haven.”

Aid workers on the ground report witnessing many people lying in the street, with aid organisations and medics unable to help them because of the fighting. Children's need for food, medicines and protection grow every day, but the camp is out of reach.

Hospitals inside Yarmouk are unable to provide any services after they were destroyed in the latest attacks, and medical supplies are running out. There are now no operational hospitals or medical facilities able to serve the civilian population trapped inside the besieged camp.

The attacks on Yarmouk camp come on top of two years in which besieged civilians have had to endure scarce food, water and medical supplies. With hospitals closed, civilians need aid agencies to be able to reach them urgently. Injured civilians need immediate evacuation for treatment.

Palestinians in Syria are unable to leave the country, as borders for them have been all but closed.

Save the Children calls on the international community to bring all the parties to the conflict to a ceasefire, allowing aid inside Yarmouk, and for the evacuation of injured children and families.

Aid workers, medical staff and Palestinian civilians inside Yarmouk Camp, Syria, have all come under fire in recent days.

Save the Children is informed that dozens of medical volunteers, aid workers and civilians have been killed and others kidnapped and injured, with some of them still missing.