Camp Profile: Serekaniye, Al-Hasakeh governorate, Syria, May 2021

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Background and Methodology

Serekaniye is an informal internally displaced person (IDP) camp in Al-Hasakeh governorate. This profile provides an overview of humanitarian conditions in Serekaniye camp. Primary data was collected through household surveys from 23-24 May 2021 where one respondent from each household was interviewed. Households were randomly sampled to a 95% confidence level and 10% margin of error based on population figures provided by camp management. A key informant (KI) interview with the camp manager in May 2021 has been used to support and triangulate some of the findings collected through household surveys. At the time of data collection, the camp was managed by a non-governmental organisation (NGO).

Camp Overview

Number of individuals: 11,181
Number of households: 2,163
Number of shelters: 2,640
First arrivals: October 2020
Camp area: 0.64 km