Camp Profile - Roj, Al-Hasakeh Governorate, Syria - November 2017

from REACH Initiative
Published on 30 Nov 2017 View Original


This profile provides a multisectoral needs overview and summarises the infrastructure and services present in Roj camp. Primary data was collected on 29 November 2017 through 34 randomly sampled household interviews, allowing for representative findings with a 80% confidence level and 10% margin of error. Additional information was provided by interviews with camp management and direct field observation.

Camp Overview

# of individuals: 821
# of shelters: 141 (all occupied)
First arrivals: March 2015
Avg. residency duration: 1 year 6 months
Camp area: 0.09 km2

The camp is predominantly composed of refugees from Iraq (82%), the majority of whom are from Tel Afar (27%), Sinjar (24%) and Mosul (21%) districts, all located in Ninewa governorate. The camps is divided into a regular grid layout.