Camp Profile - Newroz, Al-Hasakeh Governorate, Syria - September 2021

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Background and Methodology

Newroz is a large formal camp in Al-Hasakeh governorate which at the time of data collection was managed and administrated by a non-governmental organisation (NGO).
This profile provides an overview of humanitarian conditions in Newroz camp. Primary data was collected through a key informant interview (KII) with camp management on the 29 September 2021. Due to COVID-19 visiting the camp was not possible, hence household interviews were not conducted. Therefore, findings presented in this factsheet are not statistically representative.
In recent months Newroz camp has seen a large influx of people partly due to an increase in clashes in Tal Tamer sub-district. The camp population has more than doubled since the most recent REACH camp profiling exercise conducted in March 2021.

Camp Overview

Number of individuals: 3,851

Number of households: 725

Number of shelters: 866

First arrivals: February 2015

Camp area: 0.2 km²