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Briefing: Humanitarian financing to the Syria crisis in 2013

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The UN and partners have launched two funding appeals to meet humanitarian needs resulting from the crisis in Syria, the Syria Humanitarian Response Plan (SHARP) and the Syria Regional Response Plan (RRP).

Together these appeals request US$1.5 billion, with around US$1 billion for the RRP, to meet the needs of more than half a million refugees who have fled Syria to Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt and US$519 million through the SHARP to meet the needs of over 4 million people inside Syria. Key points to note concerning funding for Syria in 2013 include:

  • the SHARP and RRP appeals together represent the largest humanitarian financing appeal in 2013
  • financing requirements per affected person within the SHARP and RRP include some of the highest of any current funding appeal
  • several weeks in only 3% of financing requirements have been met
  • in 2012, 65% of appeal financing requirements were met, but the scale of the crisis and of financing requirements have escalated and donors will need to increase contributions from 2013 levels considerably to address growing humanitarian needs.

This briefing collates and summarises the latest available information on financial investments in humanitarian assistance via international actors to the Syria crisis and will be updated periodically to monitor the financing response to the crisis following the donor pledging conference in Kuwait on 30h January 2013.