Breaking: 3 Medical Facilities Bombed in Syria Today, Total of 16 in 2 Weeks

from Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations
Published on 11 May 2019

Geneva, Switzerland - On May 11 at 1:20 am the Sham hospital in Kafranbel in Idlib, Syria was hit by an airstrike. The hospital was damaged and put out of service. No injuries or casualties were reported. On May 11 at 5:45 am, the Alghab Primary Health Care Center, in Hama, Syria was hit by an airstrike, heavily damaged and put out of service. No injuries or casualties were reported. On May 11, at 9:10 am Alhawash Hospital- 112 in Alghab area, Hama was hit by airstrikes. The facility was damaged and put out of service. No injuries or casualties were reported. On May 10 at 4:45 pm the Kafranbel Surgical hospital in Idlib, Syria was hit by an airstrike. This was the third time it had been targeted in 2 weeks. No injuries or casualties were reported. There were no injuries or casualties in the medical facilities mentioned above because all facilities were evacuated and shut down due to continuous bombardment. “It is beyond comprehension that 16 medical facilities can be bombed in 2 weeks with impunity. It is clear that these attacks are intentional and part of a military strategy. When did this become normal or acceptable? It is disgraceful that world leaders are silent during these war crimes. The medical infrastructure in Northern Syria is being decimated at a time when 3.5 million people need it most. The remaining hospitals in the region are over run and cannot sustain at this pace. If this continues we will witness the largest refugee crisis the world has ever seen, and it will come to our doorstep. Stop the bombing of hospitals and schools. Stop the killing of civilians, women and children.” Said Dr. Hussam Al Fakir, Chairman of UOSSM International In the strongest terms, UOSSM condemns the attacks on civilians and medical facilities. UOSSM urges all parties to the conflict to find a peaceful resolution. UOSSM urges the UN Security Council and the international community to implement UNSC resolution 2286 for the protection of medical facilities and aid workers. We urge the international community to release emergency humanitarian funding for medical aid, shelter, food, water and sanitation.

Previous Medical Facilities Attacked: Media inquiries and interviews please contact : Name: Avi D'Souza Director Of Communications, UOSSM Intl. Phone: (647) 528-5029 Email:

About UOSSM : UOSSM (Union des Organisations de Secours et Soins Médicaux) provides free medical aid to the people of Syria regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion or political affiliation. UOSSM international, founded by Syrian Doctors around the world, started in 2012 and operates 12 major hospitals and supports 120 clinics inside Syria. UOSSM has performed over 1,000,000 medical treatments inside Syria since inception.

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