Ar-Raqqa City, Syria - Situation Overview III, 28 July 2017



On 6 June 2017, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the start of an offensive aiming at taking control of Ar-Raqqa city from the group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). This has so far comprised ground advancement on the western and eastern neighbourhoods of the city (see Map 1), supported by airstrikes in and around the area.

This report is the third rapid assessment conducted by REACH to monitor the humanitarian situation in Ar-Raqqa city. Findings are based on primary data collected between 25 and 27 July through qualitative interviews and mapping exercises with 23 Key Informants (KIs) who had left the city since 15 June, reporting on all 24 neighbourhoods in Ar-Raqqa.

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