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Another shipment of Czech humanitarian aid to Syria - 23 February 2017

Another part of Czech humanitarian aid arrived to Syria on February 23, 2017. It was again the joint effort of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Administration of State Material Reserves and Czech Embassy in Damascus. The previous shipment was delivered three days earlier. As in previous cases Czech Army provided the Casa cargo plane. This delivery contained again four tons of milk powder which is to be distributed further by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. The humanitarian aid came along with a load of toys coming from private collections. This aid will be also distributed, in collaboration with the Czech Embassy, by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent which despite complicated circumstances still operates on most of Syrian territory.

All this material is intended for the internally displaced people and the shipment is a part of the governmental program of providing humanitarian, developmental and reconstruction aid to Syria in the period of 2016 – 2019. It is based on the relevant UNSC resolutions. Previous shipments took place in May, October and December of the last year and contained also various medical equipment. Altogether these shipments amounted to the value of 7.6 million Czech Crowns.  

Besides this material help, the Czech Republic provides medical care, temporary dwelling, food and education to the Syrian population afflicted by the conflict within the country and to the refugees in the nearby countries. In the year 2016 this kind of aid amounted to the sum over 200 million Czech Crowns.