Anadan Hospital Just Hit By Air Strike, Northern Aleppo


Toronto, On. (July 30, 2016)​­ Anadan Hospital hit by Air Strike in Northern Aleppo at approximately 11pm Damascus time on July 30, 2016 (4 hours ago). The hospital was the last operating in Western Rural Aleppo. UOSSM supports the Anadan Hospital with medicine and supplies.

The airstrike comes a day after the ‘Save The Children’ maternity hospital was bombed in Idleb leaving two people killed, six injured, and a six­months pregnant woman who lost both her legs. In the past 10 days, 4 other hospitals have been bombed in Aleppo crippling the medical system at a time when trauma injuries are skyrocketing from the government siege. Patients are avoiding critical treatments because of the new danger of hospital bombings. “I am appalled by the blatant disregard for human life. These are mothers, families and children not military targets. 6 hospital bombings in 10 days is unprecedented. The international community and UN must act now to stop these airstrikes against hospitals.

Countries and leaders must be held accountable for these war crimes.” – Dr. Anas Al Kassem, Chairman of UOSSM Canada / Ontario Surgeon.

Dr. Anas Al Kassem, Head of UOSSM Canada/ Ontario Surgeon is available for interviews, please contact:

Avi D’Souza­ Director of Communications UOSSM­Canada
Phone: (647) 528­5029
Email: press@uossm­

UOSSM (Union des Organisations de Secours et Soins Médicaux) ­ Canada provides free medical aid to the people of Syria regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion or political affiliation. UOSSM­Canada has sent millions of dollars worth of medical supplies to medical facilities in Syria over the past two years. UOSSM international, started in 2012 and operates 12 major hospitals and supports 120 clinics inside Syria. Since inception UOSSM had performed over 1,000,000 medical treatments