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AFAD’s Humanitarian Aid in Afrin - Report No: 5 as of 13 November 2018

Situation Report
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Turkey's Humanitarian Response in Afrin

Since the Operation Olive Branch was commenced, The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), Turkish Red Crescent and other Turkish NGOs have delivered humanitarian aid to the people in acute need living in 337 different locations of Afrin.

Over 300,000 civilians have benefited from humanitarian aid that has been provided by Turkish humanitarian agencies including 170,332 food packages, each enough to sustain a family for a month, over 2,3 million hot meals, 536 tons of fruits and vegetables and 624 thousand liters of drinking water in Afrin since January 29,2018.

Furthermore, Turkish humanitarian agencies have sustained urgent needs of civilians by providing 2,065 tons of flour, 212,579 core relief items including matrasses, blankets, hygiene kits, clothes, packages of diapers for children/elderly/disabled and 46,551 non-food items. Additionally, approximately 6 million bundles of bread have been delivered to the people in Afrin.