ACT Alliance Appeal: Humanitarian Response for People Affected by the Syrian Conflict - SYR201

from ACT Alliance
Published on 30 Jan 2020 View Original


1.1. Context

On the tenth year of this protracted conflict, the situation in Syria continues to drive the largest refugee crisis in the world. The past and present hostilities compounded with the continued massive displacement of populations, remain the main drivers of humanitarian needs , causing a UN declared level three humanitarian emergency.2 According to recent figures from the Humanitarian Response Plan Monitoring Report3 , the scale, severity, and complexity of needs across Syria remain overwhelming. Of the estimated 11.7 million people in need of multi-sectorial humanitarian assistance across Syria, 5 million people are experiencing acute needs, 6.2 million people are internally displaced, and many have been displaced multiple times. Children and youth comprise more than half of the displaced, as well as half of those in need of critical humanitarian assistance.

The critical response for the refugee situation continues to fall primarily on the neighboring countries in the region (mainly Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey) who continue to host a large number of registered refugees per capita, thereby exacerbating the already vulnerable and fragile context of the host community population. Refugees’ limited resources are continuing to decrease, leaving their situation increasingly insecure. Additionally, the conflict in Syria has significantly impacted the region’s social and economic growth. In Lebanon, for instance, it caused deepening poverty and humanitarian needs, amplified pre-existing development constraints in the country and continuously leads to social tension between refugees and the host communities, reducing the level of resilience among rights-holders in the face of potential crises.