ACAPS Briefing Note: Displacement in Northwestern Syria (9 May 2019)

from Assessment Capacities Project
Published on 09 May 2019 View Original

Conflict between the Government of Syria (GoS) and armed opposition groups has intensified since the beginning of 2019, and escalated since 28 April, in northern Hama governorate and southern Idleb governorate, causing a wave of displacement. Some 152,000 people have been displaced between April 29 and 5 May, the majority into northern Idleb and northern Aleppo. Military operations have caused a high number of civilian casualties. The humanitarian situation in the affected governorates is deteriorating, with ongoing clashes, airstrikes, and shelling. The majority of IDPs live in makeshift settlements and report acute multi-sectoral needs

Anticipated scope and scale

The ongoing hostilities are likely to further escalate and cause significantly more displacement, bring infrastructure losses, and increase the number of civilian casualties. Due to congestion in IDP sites, IDPs are likely to continue travelling and therefore expose themselves to protection issues and insecurity. International negotiations are not likely to find a political solution to this crisis.

Humanitarian constraints

Ongoing hostilities limit access to the affected areas, leading to suspension of aid activities and incidents of violence against humanitarian aid and actors. Ongoing response efforts are stretched and do not meet needs of the displaced population