AAWG Onset Displacement Rapid Needs Assessment Emergency Version | 2022


This tool is designed to collect data in order to define strategic humanitarian priorities at the immediate onset of emergency displacement – i.e. up to a maximum of two weeks after outbreak of displacement. The tool collects data from key informants (KIs) (community leaders, sector experts, etc) at the community/location/informal settlement sites/camp sites level, who have great knowledge about the situation of the location.

This is an emergency tool; therefore, data will serve to provide a rapid overview of the impact of flooding. Partners and sectors should ensure to understand the scope of this assessment and conduct follow up assessments to collect more nuanced information.

When carrying out this assessment, please ensure the number of female and male key informants and enumerators are as equal as possible so that needs and concerns of all segments of society are expressed and considered.


UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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