(3RP) Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan 2016 - 2017 in response to the Syria Crisis | 2016 Annual Report [EN/AR]

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 03 Apr 2017 View Original

Regional Overview

During 2016, refugees from Syria in the region and communities hosting them continued to require protection and assistance, with complex and evolving needs.

While the Syrian refugee population grew at a slower pace than in previous years during 2016, the over 4.9 million Syrian refugees hosted by Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt as at the end of 2016 still represents a massive humanitarian and development crisis for the region. These host governments have shown tremendous generosity, and are the first and most important responders to the crisis.

Donor governments have also provided an unprecedented level of financial support, with USD 2.88 billion contributed to the interagency appeal in 2016. This means that more than USD 10 billion in donor support has been provided through the 3RP and its predecessor appeals for the Syria refugee crisis since 2012.

Notwithstanding the generous contributions by host and donor governments, and the vital protection and assistance it allowed 3RP partners to provide, the appeal in 2016 remained only 63 per cent funded, and there were large discrepancies in the levels of support provided to various components, countries and sectors.

The Resilience Component (38 per cent) was once again funded at a lower level than the Refugee Component (77 per cent), despite the widely acknowledged need for further investments in sustainable, resilience-based activities.

Reflecting this under-investment in the Resilience Component, the Livelihoods and Social Cohesion sector was once again the most underfunded sector regionally, with only 16 per cent of needs funded. 3RP partners continue to advocate for funding for both vital humanitarian interventions and longerterm programmes that build resilience in individuals, communities and systems.

Egypt was again the most underfunded country compared to its appeal, with just 42 per cent of the financial needs covered, while Turkey received only 52 per cent funding despite hosting the largest number of Syrian refugees.

With the needs far outstripping available resources, 3RP participants worked in 2016 with donors, host governments and other partners to look for ways to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the response, focusing on a number of Key Strategic Directions.