1 million children in Idlib at increased risk due to violence and Reports of 17 children killed in Idlib, in north west Syria [EN/AR]


Attributable to Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF Regional Director in the Middle East and North Africa

AMMAN, 23 March 2018 - “The war on children in Syria continues relentlessly and with no mercy.

“Across Idlib, 1 million children live amid escalating violence and attacks. UNICEF is calling on those fighting in Idlib to spare children the fate and horrors of children in East Ghouta, Afrin and other parts of Syria.

“We received reports that an underground shelter where children have taken refuge has come under attack earlier this week. Even shelters are no longer safe in the war-torn country.

“Heavy violence -just 300 metres from a UNICEF-supported school in Idlib, forced children attending classes, to seek shelter in an improvised shelter nearby. The building was then hit. 17 children were all reportedly killed.

“Those fighting in Syria and those with influence over them have from the first day of the conflict completely disregarded all laws and all rules meant to protect children.

“Schools, hospitals, children’s homes, playgrounds and parks have all come under attack in the past seven years in Syria. Since 2011, 309 education facilities were attacked. Some teachers and education staff came under attack while in the line of duty serving children who were enjoying being at school with their friends.

“Attacks on children and civilian infrastructure are a violation of basic laws of war.

“The protection of children under all circumstances is non-negotiable. The war on children, the war on humanity, cannot become a new norm.

“Children today or in the future will hold us all accountable if we don’t stop the war on children.”


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