Swaziland: Food distribution at Khupuka relieves hungry communities

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World Vision Swaziland Lubombo Project, funded by Australia, last week distributed yellow maize, beans and vegetable oil to 3650 beneficiaries in Mnjoli and Khupuka communities.
In an interview with one of the beneficiaries, Pauline Zwane (61), who was left with the burden of taking care of six of her grandchildren after their parents died from undisclosed illnesses five years ago, was overcome with gratitude to World Vision for giving her food. "At least today I will be able to put food on the table for my grandchildren, since there is no one helping me to take care of the children. Relatives are distant and seem not to care, and the children have been forced to drop out of school because of insufficient funds," she said.

In another interview, Margaret Mavimbela (58), a widow and grandmother of 10 children said life is tough for her and her family. "I sometimes go as far as Mhlume sugar company kitchen to ask for leftovers in order for me and my grandchildren to go to sleep with something in our stomachs," she said. She went on to say none of the children attends school.

"I am so grateful to World Vision for distributing food to us old people," she said. She also added that meat is a luxury to them and if the rains do not come in time, they will not be able to get any harvest from the seeds that were distributed by World Vision.