Suriname: Floods - DREF Final Report n° MDRSR003



Description of the disaster

In April, May, and June of 2021, it rained heavily in Suriname causing flooding in many communities. During a joint press conference between the Ministries of Public Works, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries and Regional Development and Sports, held on 4 June 2021, it was announced that the heavy rains were the most serious in the last four years. Reports of flooding were made in almost every district of Suriname, including:

  • Paramaribo: in the residential center and suburbs.

  • Nickerie: in the communities of Wageningen, New Nickerie, Corantijn Polder.

  • Coronie: Totness and surroundings.

  • Saramacca: Uitkijk, Dambuntong and surroundings.

  • Marowijne: Akalekondre, Albina and surrounding communities, Snesi Kondre Kondre and surrounding in the interior.

  • Sipaliwini: Apitina, Tepu and surrounding Amerindian villages in the Interior.

  • Commewijne: Kronenburg, Baki.

The Government stated the estimated number of families affected was 2,000. However, the Suriname Red Cross estimated that the numbers were higher, as not all affected communities could be reached, and not all affected households from the 10 Suriname districts were registered.

In October 2021, the floodwaters did not recede in many communities. Although life was returning to normal, access to some communities and thus the supply chain remained difficult. Some farmlands were still flooded, which affected the restoration of livelihoods in the districts. Many households reported damage to furniture, clothing, and large appliances such as refrigerators and doors and walls of their houses.