Youths try to bridge pools as flies, mosquitoes plague South Darfur camp

from Radio Dabanga
Published on 29 Aug 2013 View Original

DREIGE CAMP (29 Aug.) - The displaced residents of Dreige camp near Nyala, capital of South Darfur, fear “a health disaster” due to the breeding of flies and mosquitoes in pools of stagnant water left after the seasonal rains.

The youth representative explained to Radio Dabanga that the youths of the camp have tried to bridge the pools. He said they are hoping from assistance from the Scottish team of the humanitarian NGO Mercy Corps. “They have promised to bring us some sand, but have not delivered it yet,” he said.

He also appealed to those humanitarian organisations working in the field of health to intervene by spraying the pools.

These pools of stagnant water now reportedly occur in and around many of the camps for displaced people in Darfur. Regular reports and appeals reach Radio Dabanga from camps throughout the region, echoing the Dreige residents’ concerns.