WHO Country Office in Sudan: Darfur Weekly Progress Report, 16 - 22 Jul 2005

North Darfur

- El-Fasher remains in phase III

- OCHA negotiating for release of 5 members of local NGO, ITDG and Saudi Red Crescent.

- 2 vehicles released this week from the 5 seized during polio campaign.

- Landmines confirmed by AU in Kutum area

- Banditry incidents occurring in roads out of El Fasher

West Darfur

- Zallingi remains in phase III

- Jabel Marrar remains a NO GO area for UN agencies

- Zallingi-Nertiti road is a NO GO area

- 3 NGO staff were arrested in Morni camp but later released

- Geneina-Morni, Masteri-Kongo Harza Beida-Arara are all NO GO areas

South Darfur


WHO tasks and programmes

Information sharing and Co-ordination Management

North Darfur

SLA humanitarian contact met with WHO to discuss activities to be conducted in the state

Meeting took place between Malteser and IRC to review training activities in SLA areas

West Darfur

WHO/UNICEF/MoH are drafting a Comprehensive Analysis report of Eastern Darfur

South Darfur


Improved access to hospital care and referral systems

North Darfur

Rehabilitation of out patient department is in progress

West Darfur

WHO will assess Zallingi hospital in late July/early August to determine the hospital need and priority areas.

UNICEF will support a PHC in Beija (between Zallingi and Deleij)

NCA/ACT/CARITAS will carry out vector control activities in Zallingi in collaboration with MoH and WHO to start in August

WHO dispatching a vector control specialist to Zallingi

WHO donated one complete Italian Trauma kit to El geneina hospital

South Darfur

- 358 IDPs received medical care in 3 hospitals last week

- Drug supply reached Nyala Teaching hospital on 12th July

- X-ray machine delivered to Nyala hospital

- Bidding will start for the bills of quantity for new pharmacy

- Drugs for El Daein hospital have been sent via WFP flight

Communicable Disease Control and Surveillance & Outbreak Response

North Darfur

Decrease in number of bloody diarrhea cases (428 compared to 493 in previous reporting week)

Continued decrease in acute jaundice syndrome for 6 weeks running

5th round of the 13th polio NID took place but not all areas were covered

West Darfur

NCA, MSF-F and IMC reported increased malaria and diarrhea cases

Preparedness plans for cholera outbreaks underway. WHO working to translate material on cholera outbreak control into Arabic

Vector control materials was supplied to SC-US in order to conduct spraying of houseflies in Forbaranga and Gumaza Babiker camps

South Darfur

One case of measles reported from El Seref camp in Nyala

One suspected case of flaccid paralysis from Muhajuria, Shareia locality

Slight in crease of bloody diarrhea cases (incidence rate 18.2 against 16.1 cases/10000 population last week)

WHO in collaboration with UNICEF and NGOs is conducting cholera preparation plans

Improved Access to Primary Health Care and Environmental Health

North Darfur

Spraying programmes for vector control in IDP camps is under preparation by SMoH. WHO is supporting Spanish Red Cross.

Work shop on clinical management of rape was organized by SMoH with support of WHO/UNFPA/UNAIDS. 15 medical doctors from camps and El Fasher hospital attended

West Darfur

Plans for extension and rehabilitation of wastewater facilities at the hospital were approved

WHO team started sanitary inspection at Al Riyad camp, targeting various water supply and water storage facilities at the camp.

South Darfur

3 water test kits have been handed to SMoH as agreed

Meeting took place between Environmental Health Director SMoH and WHO. Focused on plans to manage solid waste in camps and the urgent need for an environmental health sanitation plan for Nyala town and camps

Situational analysis of Otash and Musse IDP camps identified the problem with flies. Intensive hygiene promotion is needed.

WHO in collaboration with SMOH/FMOH finalized the follow up monitoring and supervision of 20 out of 32 health staff trained in May 2005.

WHO and SMoH IMCI focal point conducted a drug inventory for all health facilities implementing the IMCI programme. WHO plans to supply the missing drugs/supplies.

WHO delivered supplies to Spanish Red Cross in support of the two laboratories in Kalma and Bilel IDP camps.

Programme Management

North Darfur

Planned field missions for the coming week: Kutum and Mallit, Um Kadada and Kabkabiya

West Darfur


South Darfur