WFP Sudan Special Operation SO 200497: Logistics Augmentation and Coordination in Support of Humanitarian Operations in South Kordofan

from World Food Programme
Published on 15 Feb 2013 View Original

Executive Summary

In June 2011, armed conflict broke out in the Sudanese State of South Kordofan and as a result the Government of Sudan (GoS) denied humanitarian organisations further access to this State and therefore humanitarian assistance was temporarily suspended.

For several months, the GoS conducted some limited distributions in Governmentcontrolled areas, but has subsequently requested WFP to intervene. WFP maintained its position towards the GoS that, prior to providing further assistance, appropriate assessments would be conducted in Government-controlled areas. As a result, in mid-2012 WFP gained access for international staff to conduct joint assessments together with the Government’s Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) and the Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS).

Assessments outcomes indicated that an estimated 170,000 people require urgent humanitarian assistance (food, shelter, water and sanitation) in South Kordofan with UN agencies mobilizing resources to meet the needs. Negotiations regarding access to affected populations in non-Government controlled areas are to date still on-going.

WFP continues to closely collaborate with HAC and SRCS to conduct assessments and food distribution in South Kordofan. WFP has also been given the lead in coordinating logistics operations for the Humanitarian Community to augment common logistics capabilities and facilitate a coordinated response.

As requested by the GoS, WFP remains the sole provider of logistics services for the humanitarian response in South Kordofan. UN agencies such as FAO, WHO, UNICEF,
UNHCR, OCHA, and also the SRCS have endorsed WFP’s concept of operation in July 2012, which has received the full endorsement from the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan.

Under Special Operation (SO) 200470, which was active for five months from 01 August until 31 December 2012, WFP provided common logistics services, logistics coordination and logistics information management activities to the Humanitarian Community. This type of logistics support needs to continue in order to lead coordination efforts for timely delivery of relief assistance in South Kordofan.

This new SO is planned to operate for another eleven months (01 February – 31 December 2013) with a total operational cost of US$ 639,976 Additional requirements and a budget revision for extension in time of this SO shall be prepared if needed.