WFP Food Security Monitoring System (FSMS) - North Darfur State: Round 11 (November 2011) 

Situation Report
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Executive Summary

• The overall food security situation has considerably deteriorated compared to November 2010. However, findings indicate a slight increase in the proportion of food insecure households among all community groups compared to the last FSMS round of May 2011. This increment is significant in comparing results of November when food availability and access is remarkably better compared to May which marks the start of the lean season. The early deterioration in food security situation is mainly attributed to a combination of a below‐ average harvest and an unusually increasing demand for food commodities.

• Gender and education level of household head has a clear impact on the households food security status.

• The food consumption score (FCS) in November 2011 remained similar to that reported in May 2011, when three‐fifth, four‐fifth and over three‐fifth of households in camps, mixed and resident communities respectively had acceptable FCS. However, there is a slight increase in the proportion of households having poor FCS within IDP camps.

• The price of the minimum healthy food basket (MHFB) has increased by 30 percent in November compared to May 2011; it has also increased by 75 percent in comparison to results reported in November last year. Of the eight food items included in the MHFB, the majority of the increases have been reported in cereals and cooking oil.