WFP to distribute food to Zalingei IDP camps

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Leaders and representatives at the internally displaced camps (IDP) in Zalingei, West Darfur, have decided after evaluations to return to a distribution of food by the World Food Programme (WFP), instead of relying on merchants in the area.

A coodinator for Hamidya camp told Radio Dabanga, the WFP will begin distributing food this month until the end of February.

The decision came after the Evaluation Committee assessed food distribution over the past four months. The Committee found the delay in food transportation and fluctuating prices of goods as well as the security situation in Darfur, all threatened trade and food security for the camps.

The coordinator said camp residents were pleased with the decision.

Coordinator appeals to Kalma and Neerta camps to arrange registration

The coordinator of Zalingei IDP camps appealed to Kalma and Neerta camps to accept the WFP's re-registration of identity cards programme. This would include an updated record of all newcomers to the camp, including newborn babies.

The leader said camp representatives should sit down with the WFP to discuss registration and arrangements to allow food to be distributed to the camp.

Food has not been distributed to Kalma camp since September and at Neerta since December.

Kalma camp had disagreed with the WFP on re-registration as some residents worried the process would force displaced persons to return to their villages before they were ready.

The WFP insisted it needed to distribute new registration cards as they needed to update their records of people at the camps. They said this would allow them to efficiently distribute food.