WFP completes re-registration in Gereida camps, S. Darfur

from Radio Dabanga
Published on 18 Feb 2013 View Original

GEREIDA (18 Feb.) - The World Food Programme (WFP) has completed the re-registration in Gereida camps in South Darfur for food ration distribution. One of the sheikhs from Gereida camps told Radio Dabanga that the number of registered families amounts up to approximately 131,000. Out of this number, the sheikh added, a number of 100,000 families have been found eligible for food aid.

The sheikh stated that out of the 750,000 registrations the number of eligible persons for food aid amounts to 744,000. He explained that there are 10,000 families in the camp which have been residing in the camp since 2006. These families, originally from Al Rodoum locality, he continued, were rejected by the WFP for re-registration as they were not registered originally.

He appealed to the WFP, via Radio Dabanga, to reconsider its decision and provide food for all the displaced until the registration is completed. According to the sheikh, WFP will review the registrations after a period of three months.