West Darfur camps suffer from lack of medicines

from Radio Dabanga
Published on 16 Feb 2014 View Original

The population of the ten camps for the displaced in El Geneina locality, West Darfur, are suffering from a deterioration in health services and a lack of medicines.

One of the camps sheikhs explained to Radio Dabanga that the people have been suffering from a shortage of medicines in the camps’ health centres for more than six months. The health centres provide them with prescriptions. The people then have to buy the medicines from the commercial pharmacies in El Geneina city.

The sheikh explained that the deterioration in the health services is a result of the expulsion of the foreign organisations operating in Darfur in 2009. They were replaced by “incompetent national organisations”.

He called on the UN to pressure the Sudanese government for the return of the expelled foreign organisations so that they will be able to provide services for the displaced.