Weekly Update: Sudan

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FAMINE IN THE SUDAN - IRC has received a commitment of $1.5 million from the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance to respond to the current crisis in the Sudan. With the declaration of a cease-fire, food and relief supplies can finally be brought in, although for thousands -- especially the youngest and oldest - this support arrives too late. Today's New York Times reports that each day more people are dying as they leave the contested and drought-stricken areas in search of food. The IRC will provide therapeutic feeding and public health services in the provinces of Bar el Ghazal and Upper Nile. The program will be administered by the IRC Nairobi office that oversees a long-standing relief program in Southern Sudan. We are expanding our capacity in Khartoum to provide services in government-controlled areas of these provinces and to assist the internally displaced persons who have come to these areas seeking food and refuge.