Weekly News, Sudan Floods, 26 September 1996

News and Press Release
Originally published
Over the past eight weeks, extensive floods and heavy rains have left at least 18 people dead in Sudan. More than 47,000 people are homeless and another 75,000 had their homes partially destroyed.
The Sudanese Red Crescent has mobilised volunteers to provide the destitute with food and other relief items as well as medical help. They have also undertaken an extensive information campaign on sanitation and the prevention of water-borne diseases. An increasing number of cases of diarrhoea and malaria are being diagnosed, as well as respiratory infections.

Immediate needs include food, tents, blankets, charcoal and medicines. National Society resources and stocks are nearly exhausted. The Federation has released 90,000 Swiss francs from the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund and plans to launch an appeal soon.