Weekly emergency preparedness and humanitarian action (EHA) Sudan activity report: Week 12, 18 - 24 Apr 2007


Focal Point's Name Christina Banluta

Duty Station Sudan

Reporting Period Week 12of 2007 (period: 18 March - 24 March)


Political, social, security overview for the week Darfur Region

South Darfur

16 March. around 200 armed Rezeigat Abbala (camel herders) tribe members, some dressed in GoS police uniforms and riding on camels, attacked the village of Targem tribesmen at Bulbul Abu Zazur. Reports stated that ten (10) Targem were killed and six (6) injured. The attackers looted about 1,000 cows, 500 goats, and 150 sheep and escaped into the direction of Kass. The dead bodies and injured were brought to the Nyala General Hospital the following day.

17 March. In Adilla, 150 kilometers southeast of Nyala, unknown armed men ambushed and killed two (2) Rezeigat tribesmen. A UN team visiting the area met with a GoS representative. The GoS representative expressed concerns of the tension in the village and retaliation is likely to happen.

18 March. In Karoley IDP camp in Kass, a UN vehicle (Toyota Landcruiser) was maliciously damaged by an alleged mentally challenged person. The incident happened while a UN team was on a mission. The parked vehicle was repeatedly hit by the mental patient and damaged two (2) windows.

North Darfur

21 March. An INGO Toyota Buffalo was taken at gunpoint on the road from Tabit to El Fasher. The following day, the vehicle was recovered.

West Darfur

24 March. UN successfully evacuated thirteen (13) INGO (CRS and Medair) staff members from Abu Surug and Sirba respectively after Sirba village was attacked by armed militia at around 1030hrs.

22 March. In Bahia area (200 km N of El Geneina), African Union reported that the GoS aerially bombed locations along the Chad - Sudan Border. Locals from Bamina and Bahia reported to MGS that an antonov plane carried out bombings on Wadi Gredi and Wadi Mostoon on the Chadian side of the Border as well as Kariari and areas up to Margira on the Sudanese side. In Gredui, two Chadian INGO workers were allegedly wounded. Two children and three men were also said to be wounded around Wadi Gredi while a woman and her child were injured in Wadi Mostoon. Six bombs were alleged dropped on Chad border and around 11 on the Sudanese side.

South Kordofan

General security in the State remained calm. No security incidents had been reported during the past week.

East Sudan

UNMOs conducted mine detection in and around Hamesh-Korieb. The group is also conducting a land mine survey in all the three states of East Sudan.

UN agencies are still facing problems on free movements for their planned activities in and out Kassala.


24 March. SLA (MM) and GoS police engaged in a firefight on 24 Mar 07 in Omdurman, in which at least eight (8) people were killed on the SLA(MM) side and eighteen (18) wounded. On the side of the GoS at least one senior police officer was killed, possibly one or two more officers. Eight (8) policemen were wounded. According to open sources forty-one (41) SLA(MM) members were arrested.