W. Darfur: woman assaulted inside her home, fire burns 8 houses

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A displaced woman living in camp Kendebe in Sirba locality, West Darfur, was critically injured after pro-government militias tried raping her inside her home on Sunday evening, a source affirms. On the same day a fire reportedly burned eight homes in the camp.

Gunmen invaded the home of Maria Mahmoud before beating and stabbing her several times on her chest and thighs, Radio Dabanga has learned. Sources said the victim was taken to El-Geneina hospital for treatment.

Another displaced from Kendebe called Ibrahim was injured after beatings by pro-government militias in the camp, eyewitnesses reported. They were not able to provide further information about Ibrahim’s case.

The camp’s population is complaining about the high rates of attacks at nighttime by pro-government militias taking place on the streets but also inside their homes in the past weeks.

They are urging authorities to provide them protection and security.


A fire in Kendebe burned eight homes destroying “everything inside them”: luggage, beds, clothes, food and some money, an eyewitness told Radio Dabanga. A fire was also reported in Sirba town the same day.

Several houses in Firdous, East Darfur, were destroyed by flames at 2:00pm on Monday, along with food and crops, sources said.

They said the eastern and western areas of the town were affected, adding that residents managed to put out the flames themselves with dust and water.

Sources told Radio Dabanga that the firefighters’ truck of the locality was parked near where the fire took place. However, they continued, it was broken and Firgous residents must manage the fire themselves.