Violence Against or Obstruction of Health Care in Sudan since the military coup on October 25 - (17-30 November 2021)


Marches of the Millions protests have been taking place across Sudan after the military coup on October 25. Over 40 people have been killed and many others injured by live ammunition and tear gas fired by security forces during the protests. The violence has impacted health workers, hospitals and patients.
Below are the incidents Insecurity Insight has documented between 17-30 November 2021. The incidents reported are not a complete nor a representative list of all incidents that affected the provision of health care and have not been independently verified. Data collection is ongoing and data may change as more information is made available.
If you have additional information on an incident documented here, or a new incident, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Previous edition: 25 October and 16 November

Documented incidents, 17-30 November 2021

17 November 2021: In Khartoum, police forces fired tear gas inside Ahmed Qasim Hospital. Source:
Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors

17 November 2021: In Khartoum, Sudanese Security Forces pursued injured people inside the International Hospital, preventing them from obtaining medical care, and detaining several of them.
Sources: Dabanga Sudan and WHOSSA

19 November 2021: In Ed Daein city, East Darfur state, armed men broke into the MSF office, threatened and maltreated the guards, and stole a Toyota Land Cruiser with MSF identification.
Sources: Dabanga Sudan and MSF

21 November 2021: In Khartoum, police forces fired tear gas inside Khartoum Teaching Hospital, close to the intensive care unit and the neonatal department and prevented ambulances from reaching the wounded and the wounded from reaching health care. Electricity was also cut off while surgeries were being performed. Sources: Dabanga Sudan I, Dabanga Sudan II, MinBane,
Reuters and Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors

27 November 2021: In Sennar city, Sinnar state, Sudanese Security Forces detained two male medics — a psychologist and a nursing specialist — of the Singa Teaching Hospital. Source:
Dabanga Sudan

30 November 2021: In Khartoum, Sudanese Security Forces fired tear gas inside the emergency room at Al-Faisal Hospital and arrested a wounded protester as they lay on a stretcher and took him to an undisclosed location. On 01 December, Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok directed the police to carry out an investigation into the attack. Sources: Sudan Tribune, Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors and WHOSSA