Villages and trucks destroyed during North Kordofan clashes

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Hilversum (25 Dec .) - The Sudanese air force reportedly destroyed 20 villages and 40 commercial trucks loaded with goods on the route from Omdurman to North Darfur.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that at least 20 villages were burned down by aerial bombardment, during clashes that took place between the Sudanese air force and the Justice and Equality Movement in Um Gozen, Armel, Goz Ubyad and Wad Benda areas in North Kordofan since Friday.

The bombing of the commercial trucks coincided with clashes in the region and witnesses expressed their surprise at the types of heavy artillery used by the government forces.

Abdullah Yusuf, a driver and trader from Kabkabiya, North Darfur, said that his vehicle and the one next to it had been completely destroyed. He could not be sure of casualty numbers, but saw a number of trucks and villages burning during his escape.

Route disruption makes prices rise

Sources told Radio Dabanga that prices of commodities sharply rose over the disruption of the highway due to fighting between the government and the armed movements. A jerrycan of gasoline had doubled from 60 to 120 Sudanese pounds in Ed Daein locality, South Darfur.