USAID/OTI Sudan fact sheet Jun 2005

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Media Programming in Sudan

The overall goal of the USAID/DCHA/OTI Sudan program is to strengthen Sudanese confidence and capacity to address the causes and consequences of political marginalization, violence, and instability. The five main objectives of the OTI Sudan program are to: support the emergence of responsive, effective, and inclusive civil authorities; provide opportunities for peaceful dialogue within and among communities; assist in the emergence of an empowered and active civil society; increase access to quality, independent information; and protect vulnerable populations. In support OTI's objective to increase access to quality, independent information, OTI has invested significantly in the development of media programming in Sudan, most notably with the creation of a local language short wave radio service, the Sudan Radio Service (SRS).

Given Sudan's vast geographic size and high rates of illiteracy, short wave radio was identified as the best means to quickly establish independent media for southern Sudan. Existing radio broadcasts in regional languages have been limited to broadcasts from the north and sporadic coverage from various international services like the BBC. OTI's radio service targeting southern Sudan constitutes a critical component of the USAID strategy for development in Sudan and the wider USG support to the successful implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed between the Government of Sudan and the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement on January 9, 2005. Education Development Center (EDC) is OTI's implementing partner for the Sudan Radio Service, which began broadcast on July 30, 2003.

The radio service programming reflects the vibrant community of many peoples and cultures in southern Sudan. Regular, weekly programming targets speakers of Dinka, Nuer, Juba-Arabic, Bari, Shilluk, Zande, Moro, Arabic, and English. The broadcasts provide balanced news and information, particularly on the national peace process, as well as on local-level conflict resolution efforts. Information on critical humanitarian programs is also highlighted. The service broadcasts educational programming with topics ranging from agriculture/animal husbandry, economic/business development, and health issues. The service emphasizes civic education and governance programming, promoting positive and peaceful development of the government institutions. The radio service also promotes cultural programming such as music, poetry, story-telling, dramas, using these forms of entertainment to draw in listeners. Current production studios for SRS are in Nairobi, Kenya, with Sudanese producers and reporters traveling throughout southern Sudan.

The Sudan Radio Service broadcasts six hours of news, music, & informative content each day - Monday - Friday


Monday: English, Arabic, Juba-Arabic and Dinka
Tuesday: English, Arabic, Juba-Arabic, and Zande
Wednesday: English, Arabic, Juba-Arabic, Nuer and Moro
Thursday: English, Arabic, Juba-Arabic and Bari
Friday: English, Arabic, Juba-Arabic and and Shilluk


06.00 - 08.00 (GMT +3, East African Time) hours on 11,665 kHz (shortwave)
08.00 - 09.00 (GMT +3, East African Time) hours on 15,325 kHz (shortwave)
18.00 - 21.00 (GMT +3, East African Time) hours on 17,660 kHz (shortwave)

Please submit comments, questions, and requests to the radio service at or

For further information, please contact:

In Washington, D.C: Nhelly Saleh, Sudan Program Manager, Tel: (202) 712-0795,