Urgent relief from Qatar Charity for those affected by floods in Sudan

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Qatar Charity Field Teams have relieved those affected by the floods that struck large parts of West Kordofan and provided emergency food and shelter assistance to more than 5,824 affected people.

Qatar charity teams were able to reach the most affected people in need of food and shelter materials in 15 villages of Al-Khoei in West Kordofan.

The beneficiaries expressed their appreciation for Qatar Charity's efforts, and they highly valued the assistance provided to them.

Sharif Bushra, whose house collapsed completely, thanked the donors in the State of Qatar for his help and provided a tent to house his family.

Suleiman Al-Nayer, one of those affected, said that Qatar Charity is the first organization to reach its generous support for their region, severely damaged by the floods since last August.

For his part, Mohamed Youssef, Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid in West Kordofan, said that Qatar Charity intervention in providing food aid to the affected areas came at the appropriate time and helped them a lot in helping those affected in Al-Khoei.

He explained that the size of the damage to the areas in which Qatar Charity intervened was greater than the government's capabilities.

Muhammad Musa, Program Manager at Qatar Charity Office in Sudan, said that the food aid came with the support of a Qatari donor who took the initiative to support the affected people in Al-Khoy with shelter materials and (832) basket containing quantities of urgent food needs, and indicated that about 5824 affected people have benefited from Qatari food aid.

Moussa noted that the provision of tents and shelter materials to those whose homes were destroyed comes within the campaign (Peace for Sudan), which could reach the areas most affected by floods, in Khartoum, the Nile River, Sennar, and Al Jazeera.

The campaign found official welcome and remarkable popular appreciation In Sudan.