Urgent Appeal on behalf of mothers in Darfur: "Help us to educate our children!"


This little girl should be at school - but there is no school in her village.

98% of the women in the villages of Darfur are illiterate – they are begging us to help them to educate their children. They know it is the best way out of poverty. The goats we lend to a family not only provide the children with desperately needed milk (the children in the villages are all malnourished because mothers cannot afford to feed them) but they give the mothers a livelihood - money that is saved to pay for school fees. Education for their children is every mother's priority - which is why we are asking for urgent help to provide kindergartens in all 60 Kids for Kids' villages?

“All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent.” John F. Kennedy

"The absence of education for young children means that they lack essential stimulation during the crucial formative years of their lives. Opportunities are lost which can never be regained, and which diminish the development potential of the children forever." says Mary Clark, UN Poverty Alleviation Consultant. In Darfur families cannot afford to give their children toys of any sort, even the youngest are expected to help the family survive. Young children collect water, herd animals, weed fields and are hired out to earn the most meagre of wages. The educational toys we are providing will be invaluable to help them with imaginative and constructive play. Children develop mentally and physically fastest during their early years. The mental stimulation, physical activities and social interaction at the kindergartens will provide a solid foundation, enabling the children to develop their full potential. Children will achieve greater success in their subsequent education - which in turn will help them to achieve more as adults.

Khadija said "I have been able to build up a small flock of goats since I was lent 6 goats by Kids for Kids in 2006. Now two of my children are at university. With your help, my dream is a reality!"

What better way to open the door to a better future for a child than opening the door of education?