‘Unknown disease’ killing livestock in Darfur’s East Jebel Marra

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The population of East Jebel Marra complain about the spread of a mysterious disease causing swellings, and killing livestock.

“More than 250 goats and sheep died on Thursday and Friday,” a villager from East Jebel Marra informed Radio Dabanga. “The disease causes swellings in the neck and on the head, and quickly leads to the death of our livestock. Donkeys are losing their hair too. We do not understand where it comes from. The animals just ate the grass and drank the water they are always consuming.”

“The disease also affects children and elderly, but to a much lesser extent,” the citizen added. He explained that the unknown disease is prevalent in the areas of Dolma, Jenik, Himeida, and Mashrou Abu Zaid.

He appealed to the health authorities and humanitarian organisations to access East Jebel Marra, and to diagnose the disease, and define its treatment.