UNJLC Sudan: ROS NFI and emergency shelter sector monthly update no. 4 - Apr 2007

Situation Report
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The NFI Common Pipeline currently has a procurement funding shortfall of approximately $700,000. A Joint Appeal which summarizes needs and resources for the NFI Common Pipeline will be released shortly.


CHF Allocations - 2nd Round

The allocations for the second round of the Common Humanitarian Fund have been finalized. Details of the allocations were included in the March Update. The documentation for NGOs to submit is available at the UNJLC website at: Documents should be submitted to UNDP. Please contact UNDP with questions.

2007 Sudan Work Plan and Mid-Year Review

UNJLC, UNICEF, CARE, Concern, GOAL, FAR, NCA, SC-US, Solidarites, and IOM participated in the 2007 Sudan Work Plan process and submitted project sheets for NFI transport, warehousing, procurement, assessment, distribution, and coordination activities. The mid-year review of the work plan will begin soon with organizations required to submit progress re NFI and Emergency Shelter activities from January to the end of May. The mid-year review will also include an evaluation and possible revision of the targets for the year. The below chart shows the original targets for the NFI/Emergency Shelter sector for 2007.


The NFI Coordination meetings are held in Khartoum on the third Thursday of every month in the UNDP small conference room. Upcoming NFI/ES coordination meetings in Khartoum will be held on May 17 and June 21 at UNDP. The Darfur meeting begins at 1000 and the ROS meeting begins at 1100. NFI Coordination meetings are also held regularly in ROS regions when UNJLC staff travel to the region. Please contact UNJLC for times and locations of these field meetings. Minutes for these meetings are sent through the mailing list.

Khartoum: On April 19, UNJLC held the NFI/Emergency Shelter Sector coordination meeting. Topics at the meeting were 2nd round of CHF allocations, procedure for accessing NFIs, recent distributions, other pipeline information, and a discussion of the current NFI basket. UNICEF distributed a potential distribution plan for the East.

Kurmuk (Blue Nile): On April 14, UNJLC held an NFI/Emergency Shelter Sector coordination meeting with CEAS, Samaritan's Purse and GOAL in Kurmuk. UNJLC explained that NGOs and UN agencies can access the NFI CP to distribute NFIs for the spontaneous returnees but also for other populations such as land-mine injured persons and vulnerable host communities. UNHCR agreed to store NFIs for the NGOs for a short time before distribution UNJLC will try to preposition 200 NFI kits before the rainy season at the UNHCR rub hall in Kurmuk. These NFIs can only be released after approval by UNJLC Kadugli or Khartoum. The NFIs can be released by telephone in case of emergency, and then the requesting organization should submit a request form along with an assessment and distribution report forms at a later stage. GOAL reported that they would be conducting a nutrition survey soon and promised to assess the area and report back.


Upon request, the NFI Common Pipeline provides NFIs to vulnerable populations such as disaster-affected persons and returnees. These NFIs will be distributed by NGOs following a needs assessment. Currently, cooperating partners of the NFI Common Pipeline in ROS include SC-US, Solidarité, IOM, NCA, GOAL and FAR. The process for accessing NFIs will be the same as in Darfur: To access NFIs for ROS Regions, submit an NFI Request and NFI Assessment Form available on the UNJLC website ( to the UNJLC office (,, and

The NFI Common Pipeline currently has a stocks procurement shortfall of $714,735. UNICEF-North Sudan is planning to handover additional stocks to the NFI Common Pipeline - 10,000 blankets, 10,000 sleeping mats, 4,094 buckets, and 4,995 cooking sets. This shortfall does not include coordination or transport/logistics-related funding requirements. Please see the below chart for details on stocks needs and shortfalls.