UNJLC Sudan: Darfur NFI and emergency shelter sector monthly update no. 5 - May 2007



- North Darfur, Kutum Rural assessment mission carried out to assess the needs of a population not served since 2005 with replacement stocks.

- West Darfur, Sisi IDP camp is a step closer to NFI distribution, with HelpAge and UNJLC pushing for distributions/ are eagerly looking for windows of opportunity.

- South Darfur, approximately 3,000 newly displaced persons arrived in Al Salam Camp in only two days (25-26 May). Most of the IDPs came by truck and light vehicle from Saysaban and Antykayna area (south-west of Nyala). If the current trend of displacement continues, by the end of week 22, there are likely to be 10,000 newly-arrived IDPs in Al Salam camp alone. World Vision is registering new arrivals based on which NFIs will be released. Should the influx of IDPs continue (which seems unlikely), the current situation in Al Salam camp will become critical. A few weeks ago the camp was hosting approximately 11,000 IDPs and was very close to its maximal capacity.